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Poppy Girls

the call (no need to say goodbye)

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The Poppy Girls are a new all-girl group formed from children from Armed Forces families. Following an exhaustive worldwide search within the Armed Forces community, over 1000 hopeful children entered a competition to win a spot in the group.

Their prize? The girls got to perform in front of HM The Queen at the prestigious Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall, and they were invited to record the official Poppy Appeal single - "The Call (no need to say goodbye)" which was released on Armistice Day 11.11.2013
Their debut album No Need To Say Goodbye is out now.
The Poppy Girls are Megan, Florence, Alice, Bethany and Charlotte – all have Dads serving in the Royal Navy, Army or Royal Air Force.

Meet The Girls

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megan bethany alice florence charlotte

When she’s not singing, Megan loves mountain biking, swimming and playing with her friends. Megan started taking singing lessons about a year and a half ago and loves listening to Taylor Swift, One Direction and Ed Sheeran in her spare time. Her father has served in the Royal Navy for 26 years.

‘The hardest thing about being a forces family is that we could only see my dad on the weekends for about five years. It’s really difficult now because my dad will be away for another 6 months.’

Bethany has been singing all her life, and enjoys playing the guitar and composing her own songs both on her own and with her friends. Her father serves in the Army Reserves and often has to go away on a number of operational deployments.

‘I think the reason I have been singing for so long is because I can’t see myself doing anything else but singing in the future. Whether it’s singing to audiences of thousands, or teaching others to sing, as long as I’m singing I’ll always be happy.’

Alice started having singing lessons when she was only seven and likes listening to Mumford and Sons, Adele and the Lumineers. Alice’s father has served in the Royal Navy since he was 19 and is regularly deployed for anywhere between three weeks and nine months.

‘No one else in family can sing, so I have no idea where it comes from…!’

Charlotte knows first-hand that being a military kid isn’t easy- but ask her how she feels and she’ll tell you that there isn’t one thing she would change about her life. She loves musicals and baking and experimenting in the kitchen, even though the outcome doesn’t always work out!

‘The three months when Dad goes out of area are in no way easy, but your life can’t just shut down because one of the most important people in your life isn’t there’

Florence has over three generations of family members who have served in the Armed Forces, including her father who is currently serving in the Royal Navy. In her spare time she loves walking her dog Sprocket, writing stories and doing photography.

‘If I could do anything-other than be in The Poppy Girls- I’d like to star in Wicked in the West End.’
the call (no need to say goodbye)